Guangzhou Port High Rod Lighting Project
After the rapid economic development in recent years, the modernization level of Guangzhou Port is leading the country. As of August 2018, Guangzhou Port has reached more than 400 ports in more than 100 countries and regions in the world, and its port cargo throughput ranks fifth in the world. It is a large-scale comprehensive port in the Pearl River Delta region.

Due to the special nature of port operations, night work is not done every day. For energy saving reasons, if you don't have a job at night, you only need to turn on one lamp for night road lighting. The spotlights are distributed around the yard, and there is a certain distance from the management center. Every time the staff adjusts the switch lights, they need to go to the site to set them up. When the lighting equipment fails, the management personnel can't know the situation on time. It is impossible to eliminate equipment failures in time, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to the normal production operations of the port, and even this will cause security problems. In addition, the port terminal has many freight yards and scattered layout. The control and management of the operation lighting needs to be balanced. The remote centralized lighting control system overcomes the small controlled area of control, line control and common switch light control, and the control time is inconsistent. High features.

Guangzhou Port Lighting Remote Centralized Control Project adopts our company's new generation landscape lighting management system-landscape lighting intelligent control system. Based on computer technology, automation control technology and network technology, the system realizes centralized remote control of lighting in docks and ports, which can solve the problems of current port yard lighting. The staff can flexibly formulate the switch light time and the switch light mode, and grasp the operation status of the lighting equipment in real time and discover the lighting equipment faults in time to ensure the safe and efficient operation of night operations at the docks and ports.

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