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Australia, New Zealand enforce mandatory Safety Certification for LED bulbs and Night Lamp


Recently , Australia and New Zealand Standards Agency issued AS / NZS 4417.2 : 2012 Electronic Electrical Products Compliance Standards Release IV Revision Standard A4 : 2017 . This revision expanded the list of regulated products , redivided the safety level of some products , and also updated the definition of some products . It is worth noting that this revision adds six products such as LED bulbs , night lights , etc . to mandatory certification products . As of June 1 , 2018 , products entering the Australian market must first apply mandatory security certificates ( i.e . SAA certification ) . This revision includes : First , New Zealand Level 3 Force Control Products : Apart from LED bulbs and small night lights , electric heating bags , DC isolators , glue guns and flexible electric blankets will also be enforced on June 1 , 2018 ; two are new New Zealand Level 2 products : balancing vehicles , DC / AC electric vehicles ( EV ) charging piles , cable assemblies , line control and protection devices . These products are classified as Level 2 products from Level 3 in Australia , and are updated from the New Zealand Level 2 list ; 4 is product definition updates : flexible heating pads , treatment lamps , wall switches , etc . Product descriptions are also updated in this revision . It is reported that SAA Australia International Standard is the only standard certification body in Australia . Whether imported or locally assembled electrical products in Australia , it is first approved by Australian International Standards Corporation before entering the Australian market . As a result of mutual recognition agreements between Australia and New Zealand , all Australian - certified products can be smoothly entered into the New Zealand market . The logo of SAA is mainly in the form of two , one is formal recognition and one is standard . The formal certification is only responsible for the samples , and the standard signs need to be reviewed on a case - by - case basis . The expansion of the Australian security compulsory certification range will significantly increase the production and testing costs of the enterprise ; once the product quality has not met the standard requirements , it will be spot - drawn and informed by the Australian market , which will cause economic losses to the enterprise . The inspection and quarantine department reminded manufacturers of relevant lamps and lanterns exported to Australia : to attach importance to the revision of Australia ' s electronic electrical product standards , to study the new standards , and to do well in the response to technical trade measures .


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