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best selling new products aluminum mini flood light 10W narrow bean angle

Basic Info
  • Model NO.: Solar insect Killer VFSN05H-30W\

  • Type: Pesticides

  • Mosquito Lamp: Electric Shock Mosquito

  • Physical Form: Solid

  • Power: Solar DC Power

  • Back up Rainy Days: 5-7days

  • Color: Yellow/Green

  • Oed/ODM: Yes

  • Beneficial Insects: Protect

  • Transport Package: Carton Packing

  • Origin: Chongqing

  • Pest Type: Mosquito

  • Rechargeable: Rechargeable

  • Feature: Eco-Friendly

  • Pests Type: Mosquito/Flies/Moths/Insects

  • Battery Type: Built in Lithium Battery

  • Application: Indoor/Outdoor

  • Patented Flicker Technology: Yes

  • Lamp Material: LED

  • Trademark: Supergreen/Greensource

  • Specification: 42*45*60

  • HS Code: 9405500000

Product Description
Solar Pest Spectrum Lamp, LED Solar Light
Intelligent InveED light rter LED Solar Pest control Lamp, use solar panel to convert solar power to electricity in daytime, and in evening, Lamp light up automatically to attract pests to 5000V instantaneous voltage electricity grid, then kill pests and mosquitos and protect crops and people's health.

---Application: Agriculture, Orchards,Forestry, Park,Garden,Warehouse, Greening, Aquaculture, etc.

Product name solar insect killing lamp(DC)pest killing lamp only(AC ) pest killing lamp only( DC) 
Power source/ applicationSolar ,used for outdoorElectrical, used with plugSolar,with built in lithium battery
Solar panel1 pc 30W , polycrystalline silicon//
Voltage12V 220V/110V12V 
Lamp 3W imported LED/50000 hours service life3W imported LED/50000 hours service life3W imported LED/50000 hours service life
Light source peak wave length 320-680nm peak wave length 320-680nm peak wave length 320-680nm
Batteryself protected lithium battery,1 pc 12V/10AH   /self protected lithium battery,1 pc 12V/10AH   
Rain Inspection/Rain controlYesYesYes
Light Insection/Light ControlYesYesYes
ControllerIntegrated Integrated Integrated 
Battery boxintegrated ,no need/integrated ,no need
Pole base Metal Frame,no need cement base//
Design controll area30000-40000sqm30000-40000sqm30000-40000sqm
Best control area15000-20000sqm15000-20000sqm15000-20000sqm
Pest Killing typesMore than 2000 kindsMore than 2000 kindsMore than 2000 kinds
Pest killing Rate in  efficient area98%98%98%
Proportion of beneficial insects and pests killing1:97.6%1:97.6%1:97.6%
20GP 120pcs195pcs195pcs

Main targeted pests

(1) Vegetable pests: beet armyworm, Spodoptera litura, diamondback moth, vegetables borer, fly lice
(2) rice pests: rice stem borers, leafhoppers, rice stem borer, rice yellow stem borer, planthopper, diamond, leaf roller, locusts
(3) cotton pests: cotton bollworm, tobacco budworm, beetle, pink bollworm, mole crickets, corn borer, blind stinkbug, bridging insects
(4) fruit pests: sudden back spot red bug, borer, inchworm, smoking fruit moth, DICHOCROCIS
(5) forest pests: fall webworm, moth, willow moth, pine beetles, handle beetles, Anoplophora glabripennis, peppered moth, leaf rollers, foot looper bugs, poplar white moth, Folium cicada
(6) tea pests: Tea caterpillar, tea looper, tea assassination moth, tea Mino moth, tea leafhopper, tea moth, lace bug tea
(7) wheat pests: Gelechiidae, beetle, armyworms, rice flat worms
(8) grains pests: sorghum Article borer, corn borer, soybean pod borer, moth beans, millet borer, apple Tinto, leaf moth
(9)Mosquitos and other flies

Comparison with other traditional solar pest control lamp
Supergreen   Inteligent inverter LED solar pest control lampVSTraditional solar pest control lamp
1...50000hours service life  LED5000 hours Service life fluorescent lamp
2...Patented Inverter Flicker TechnologyLamp No Flicker
3...Protect Benifial InsectsKill Benificial Insects
4...Environment Friendly Lithium Battery,no polution Lead acid battery with only
1/3 of lithium battery service life;polution for the land
5...Killing more than 2000 kinds of pestsKilling only around 1000 kinds of pests
6... integrated components,highly matched,small size,good performanceMore than 100 parts, big size and bad performance and stability
7...Instantaneous voltage 5000 v,no harmness for peopleInstantaneous voltage 1000 v-2000v only
can not kill bigger size pests
8…3 watt power comsumption only10-15 watt, more power comsumption
9...No need cement base,inteligent self dignosis procedure,adapting to the changes of environments.            no burning up with mistaked wiring.Need cement base, mistaked operation will lead to burning up 
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