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Christmas Slim Most Powerful 50 Watt Rgb 240w Led Flood Light

Product CodePowerVoltage

Color Temperature

Shine AngleLamp size
BS-111 COB10WAC85-265V

3000-3500K; 4000-4500K; 5000-5500K;



BS-111 COB20WAC85-265V120°142*179*48
BS-111 COB30WAC85-265V120°190*223*56
BS-111 COB50WAC85-265V120°283*250*65
BS-111 COB70WAC85-265V120°287*340*78
BS-111 COB100WAC85-265V120°287*340*78
BS-111 COB150WAC85-265V120°425*325*100
BS-111 COB200WAC85-265V120°425*325*100
BS-111 COB250WAC85-265V120°450*380*110

1. Higher efficiency and energy-saving compared to conventional fluorescents with equal bright.

2. No RF interference, no buzzing noise, no UV radiation.

3. No fluorescent flickering.

4. No hazard of mercury or lead entering the environment.

5. Recessed mounted, maintenance free, easy installation.

6. Solid- state, high shock/ vibration resistant

7. Adopting low- pressure constant current power supply, no glare,

8. Milky glass cover or PC cover with transmission rate at 92%.

9. Good quality and good heat dissipation

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