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Factory Wholesale Price 4X18w T5 T8 Tube Grille Lamp



1.cold metal body,coated by powder 
2.aluminium reflector 
3.magnetic or electronic ballast 
4.Recessed installed

Product description:

1.Recessed mounted(inside of the ceiling)

2.Housing:0.4mm cold metal,powder painted.

  with options of 0.3mm/0.35mm/0.4mm/0.5mm thickness of steel

3.Louver reflector:0.3mm reflector

  with options of 0.2mm/0.28mm/0.3mm high quality aluminium

4.Ballast:with the options of magnetic ballast and electronic ballast.


Power WattTypePower WattType
2*18WT8 Recessed3*18WT8 organic plate
2*36WT8 Recessed3*36WT8 organic plate
4*18WT8 Recessed2*14WT5 with net hole
4*36WT8 Recessed2*28WT5 with net hole
3*18WT8 Recessed3*14WT5 with net hole
3*36WT8 Recessed3*28WT5 with net hole
1*18WT8 Recessed4*14WT5 with net hole
1*36WT8 Recessed4*28WT5 with net hole
2*18WT8 Surface1*14WT5 with net hole
2*36WT8 Surface1*28WT5 with net hole
4*18WT8 Surface2*14WT5 with reflector plate
4*36WT8 Surface2*28WT5 with reflector plate
3*18WT8 Surface3*14WT5 with reflector plate
3*36WT8 Surface3*28WT5 with reflector plate
1*18WT8 Surface4*14WT5 with reflector plate
1*36WT8 Surface4*28WT5 with reflector plate
2*18WT8 round corner1*14WT5 with reflector plate
2*36WT8 round corner1*28WT5 with reflector plate
4*18WT8 round corner2*14WT5 organic plate
4*36WT8 round corner2*28WT5 organic plate
3*18WT8 round corner3*14WT5 organic plate
3*36WT8 round corner3*28WT5 organic plate
1*18WT8 round corner4*14WT5 organic plate
1*36WT8 round corner4*28WT5 organic plate
2*18WT8 organic plate2*36Wwide side with energy lamp
2*36WT8 organic plate3*36Wwide side with energy lamp
4*18WT8 organic plate4*36Wwide side with energy lamp
4*36WT8 organic plate

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