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Forensic Full-Wave Band Detection Laser Light Source


Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:OR-GQG1800

  • Certification:ISO9001

  • Protection:Shock Resistance

  • Trademark:MOVEED

  • Transport Package:Custom Case

  • Specification:18wave bands

  • Origin:China

  • HS Code:9031499090

Product Description

Forensic Full-wave Band Detection Laser Light Source
Major parameter: 
1. Maximum output power: ≥12W
2. Maximum power of main engine: ≥360W,Continuous and adjustable output light. 
3. Power supply: 220VAC or 24VDC battery pack 
4. Battery: The lithium iron phosphate battery pack is set outside, and the capacity: 12Ah, charging voltage: 29.2V. 
5. Output wavelength: 
Laser: 532nm, 445nm, 405nm, CSS0 (White), CSS1, CSS2.
LED visible light: 6500K (10W), 4500K (3W), 625-630nm (3W), 600-605nm (3W), 535-540 nm (3W), 465-470 nm (3W).
Ultra violet (UV)-LED: 410-415nm (3W), 375-380nm (3W), 365-370nm (12W).
Infrared LED: 730nm (5W), 850nm (5W), 940nm (5W).
6. Laser output mode: 400um multimode fiber, the fiber length: ≥2.5m, LED white light is visible light, the integration design of ultra violet and infrared light sources. 
7. Laser spot size: Spot diameter: ≥7cm at 0.5m, Spot diameter: ≥28cm at 2m. 
Spot diameter: ≥29cm at 0.5m location, Light spot diameter: ≥55cm at 5-meter location. 
6. Spot characteristics: uniform light outputs with spot evenness ≥85%.
7. Structural features: All-in-one machine, the shell is moistureproof and shockproof box, and the single machine is output at 18 wave bands. 
8. Operation: 
a. On the handle there are switching buttons for LED light source, UV, infrared light source switching button, LASER light source switching button, laser power adjustment button and reset button. 
b. LASER light source switching button: CSS0 (white), 532nm, 445nm, 405nm, CSS1, CSS2 in sequential cycle. 
c. LED light source switching button: 6500K, 4500K, 625-630nm, 600-605nm, 535-540nm, 465-470nm in sequential cycle. 
d. UV-infrared LED switching: 940nm, 850nm, 730nm,4 10-415nm, 375-380nm, 365-370nm in sequential cycle. 
e. When the instrument is in laser light source mode, press the LED/UP button on the handle, then the laser power gradually increases to the maximum function value. Press the IR_UV/DOWN button on the handle, then the laser power gradually decreases to the no light output value. 
f. When the machine is in the status that any one kind of laser light source works: Press the REST, the LED and IR-UV are in pending work status, and then can switch the light source. When the machine lies in any one light source between the LED and IR-UV; Press REST; at this time, the LASER lies in the pending work status. 
g. When the LASER and UV work, in order to avoid the damage to the person, the buzzer is installed, which can produce beeps, at this time, don't shine people's eyes. 
h. Can wear the glass when working according to the function displayed on the screen. 
Main functions: 
1. Find the sweat trace fingerprint, 
2. Find the biological samples such as saliva, urine trace and seminal stain etc.,
3. Find the bloodstain, 
4. Find the fluorescence reaction of the material evidence such as fiber, bonesnap, 79% heroin, 42% virus and the gunshot residue on the textile. 
5. Find the ash trace fingerprints 
6. Color separation photography 
7. The infrared light source cooperates with the infrared camera to conduct the document retrieval verification. 
8. Find the footprint
9. The ultra violet cooperates with the ultra violet camera to shoot the fingerprint with smooth surface. 
10. Check the fax paper for the fading handwriting on the ink-jet printing paper due to long time. 
11. Cooperating with various chemical reagents, the fluorescent powder conducts the excitation light source. 
12. Confirmation of characteristics of various receipts and certificates (Conduct the excitation on the fluorescent signals) 
13. Information searching of hidden material evidence

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