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Forensic Light Source, Multi LED Light Source


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Type:Portable Lamp

  • IP Rating:54

Product Description
Specification: Mod: UVA169
1. Size: 142 x 45x 25mm Weight: 160g
2. Multi-channels: 365NM, 395NM, 455NM, 505NM, 530NM, 590NM, 627NM, 4000K
3. Battery: 3.7V, 18650 Lithium battery, Continuous working time: 2h
4. 8 LED lights, 8 batteries, 1 charger, 3 PCS glasses, 3 filters (yellow, orange and red), 1 Professional toolbox.

UVA169 Portable Multi-channel Light Source is adopted the most advanced technology of high-power UV LED irradiance chips, black-anodized aluminum flashlight body. A full-spectrum light source, it provides single-wavelength illumination in UV-A, blue, green, cyan, amber, red and white light. Offers super-bright visible LED optical output and ultra-high intensity UV-A LED performance. Ideal for crime-scene investigation, gathering potential evidence and forensic laboratory work.
1. Small, light weight, portable;
2. High purity, strong orientation;
3. Flare uniformity: ≥ 85%;
4. Illumination intensity: 30000uW-250LM @ 35cm;
5. Beam diameter: 16cm @ 35cm
6. Each torch has an independent band light, 8 torches can be satisfied of common requirements of light source.
7. Complete accessories, easy to use;
8. Split instruction design, integrative package, convenient for crime scene using and transportation

Biological stains and latent fingerprints
Blood and other bodily fluids

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