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Superluminescent Light Emitting Diodes (Sled) Broadband Light Source (HYSLED310.530MFP)


Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:KONS310

  • Trademark:KONS

  • Origin:ZHONGSHAN 

Product Description

1. Decription:
Superluminescent Light Emitting Diodes is a stable source of light over a wide wavelength range. Available wavelength bands are from 650 -1650nm with super broadband options. The hoyatek SLED light source comes complete with high precision controller for high output levels and stability of the super luminescence diodes.

2. Application:
Optical fiber sensing system source
Fiber sensor(FBG. F-P) testing
Optical fiber grating, DWDM, filter testing
Optical fiber measurement equitment
Optical fiber sensing&communication experiment

3. Specification
Parameter symbol unit value
Min. Type max.
Operating wavelength λ Nm 650 - 1650
Output power Po mW 0.5 2 20
? 3dB Spectrum band width BW nm 10 - 100
Spectrum stability PS dB; 0.005.; 15 min.
Short-term stability Pss dB; 0.005; 15 min.
Long-term stability Psl dB; 0.02; 8h.
Operating temperature To Module: -20 ~+60 Bench-top: 0 ~+60
Storage temperature Ts -20 ~+70
Relative humidity RH % 20~85
25Power consumption PC W; 1.0
20~60Max. Power Consumption Max. PC W 3
Dimensions mm Module: 100X70X19 Bench-top: 330X220X110
Pigtail fiber SMF-28
Connector typ FC/PC, FC/APC or FC/APC
Alarm signal Low Level Alarm
Power supply Module: DC +3.3V, 5A; Bench top: AC 220V; 10%, 50Hz, 20W

Parameter  value
Operating wavelength
Output power
Spectrum band width
 PsdB≤±0.005  ?15 min.
Spectrum stability
Short-term stabilityPssdB≤±0.005  ?15 min.
 PsldB≤±0.02   ?8h.
Long-term stability
 To Module :-20 ~+60
Operating temperatureBench-top :0 ~+60
 Ts -20 ~+70
Storage temperature
Relative humidity
Power consumption
 -20~60Max. PcW≤3
Max. Power Consumption
(L×W×H ) mmModule :100×70×19
DimensionsBench-top :330×220×110
Pigtail fiber
Connector typ
   Low Level Alarm
Alarm signal
 Module: DC +3.3V,5A;
Power supplyBench top: AC 220V±10%,50Hz,20W    


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