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Remote Control Lighting Lifter

In order to solve the factory and large lighting fixture which is too high to maintain, we development the remote control lighting lifter to help you to sweep up dust or replace lamp easily.

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In order to solve the factory and large lighting fixture which is too high to maintain, we development the remote control lighting lifter to help you to sweep up dust or replace lamp easily.



Easy to install: Hang our machine stably and no more wiring. Easy to install. Can save a lot of installation costs.

Remote Control:We us infrared remote control, it can not be disturb by any RF Jamming or electromagnetic interference.

Convenient: Easy to use, a remote control can be controlled by all the lights(Just focus on the lamp you can control it individually)

Safe and Reliable:With our lighting lifter, you can lower the light easily and repair or clean the lamp safely and fast.

AttachmentLifter Specifications

Rated Specifications

   Lifter Specifications

Operating Voltage


Lighting Weight


Working Frequency


Lift Height

Less or equal to 15m

Input Power


Rising Speed




Falling Speed


Working Temperature

-15 to 40°C

IP Degree




Insulation Class

1 Class

Steel Rope Dia.


Motor Type


Connection Power Cable


Remote Control Type

Infrared/Encoding/wire Control

Wire Dia.

0.75-1.5 square

Design Advantages:

1.Cylindrical lifting design: easy to install, just one hook to hang up,no need to adjust the level, automatic balance adjusted, windproof, shockproof.

2.Turbine self-locking variable speed motor, simple design, allows the lights to stop at any height without the need for motor brakes.

3.Bottom-end-point switch: The motor automatically stops working after the wire rope is totally released, preventing the wire rope from continuing to rise after the motor is reversed.

4.Top-end point switch: After the lamp rises to the top, the motor brake stops working to prevent the motor from being blocked and damage the motor.


5.Gravity protection switch: When the steel wire rope is weightlessness (for example, when the lamp falls on the floor or hangs on the shelf, the wire rope loses the pulling force) the motor will automatically stop working and the wire rope will not be damaged.

   6.Cable arranging device: can evenly arrange the wire rope on the take-up wheel (optional)

7.Electromagnetic lock: It can hang the light to prevent it from falling when the wire rope breaks due to abnormal external force.

8.Power socket, three-reed groove design, smooth insertion and removal, high accuracy, good conductivity and good security.

9.Double steel wire structure: It can make the lamp do not rotate when it moves up and down, more stable and accurate positioning.

10.Signal receiving switch plug-in external, convenient to switch the elevator control mode, mechanical switch and remote control switch can be switched at any time or at the same time.

11.Laser remote control: A handle can control any lifter when you align it. Controlling distance (50M). The remote control handle is universal,thus the handle can be replaced at any time if it is broken. No coding is required.

Installing Methods:

1.Prepare a M10 expansion ring screw before installation.

2.Ensure that the ceiling installing point can bear the total weight of the lifter and the lights.

3.Hole was punched on the ceiling and install the M10 expansion screw on the ceiling,make sure it was firmly installed.

4.Installing the lifter on the ceiling correctly with M10 expansion ring screw.

5.The Light can be connected to the lifter on the ground first, also can install the lifter on the ceiling before the light is connected. Lifter and light are generally connected by screws, flanges, and hooks.

6.The power cable to connect the lifter and lamp . The power cable is 0.75-1.5 square.

7.After using, make sure the remote control switch presses the stop button(ON/OFF)

8.Examine and run the lift for several times before removing the scaffold.




1.Only the professional person can dis-assemble the lifter.

2.Disposal of waste electrical appliances should be in accordance with National Regulations.

Warning:Only the professional person can dis-assemble the lifter!

Warning:When the product is in operation (work), people shouldn’t stand below.

Warning:Prohibition of shortening or lengthening the steel ropes,prohibiting any changes to the lifter.

Warning:Be caution when selecting lifter control methods.Please change to use wall switch in a complex environment.


Applicable: It can be use all kinds of hoisting lamps





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