Nanchang Rail Transit Line 2 High-tech Parking Lot Lighting Project
  • Project Name: China Railway 12th Bureau Group Electrification Engineering Co., Ltd. Nanchang Rail Transit Line 2 High-tech Parking Lot Project from Shopping Purchase Project

  • The high-tech parking lot is located in the northern section of the No. 2 line project of the rail transit of Nanchang City. It is an end-of-the-range layout with an operating garage and a washing garage.

  • The main contents of the project include civil engineering, housing construction, decoration, landscape greening, track, power supply and contact network, kitchen equipment, electromechanical procurement and installation, pipeline relocation, ground attachments and facilities for sporadic construction, municipal connection, traffic evacuation , pre-construction of roads, greening and migration, temporary waterfront electricity, temporary communications, temporary access roads, and civil works, renovation, electromechanical and construction of the 3 building construction projects of the Line 2 operation building, the subway public security fire command center, and the subway police station. Subsidiary

  • This project kons light uses a high-efficiency LED high bay light series (with lifting device). This series of industrial and mining lamps have passed the national CCCF fire certification, which is not only beautiful, but also has high luminous efficiency, high energy saving, long life and even soft light. The luminous efficiency is as high as 150lm/W, which significantly saves operating energy costs. Kons light high-quality lighting fixtures provide a very comfortable light environment for metro lighting.

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