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Attend LED Industry Meeting


LED midstream industry meeting this month successfully held in Yangzhou, China. The main topic is about the trend of LED industry. About 200 LED lights manufacturers in China attended the meeting.

Firstly, the LED experts and entrepreneurs analyze the root cause of LED industry development became slowdown in this year. Last year, more than 45% of the global LED lights products were produced in China and various LED industries can be found in China, however, the LED chip price declined continuously this year, so most of the LED lights manufacturers in China have to depress price for their survival.

Secondly, how to solve the problem is a key factor, the government must pay much attention to the LED industry, bring along the LED industry talent and support them in policy. Otherwise, the LED industry can not get out of the trouble. Meanwhile, Yangzhou LED industries have formed a complete industrial chain, so the government must support the development of high-tech LED lights industry in policies and create favorable external environment for the LED high-tech industries.

At the present time, various fields of foreign LED technology brought enormous business opportunities for China. On the side, there are lots of high-end enterprises in Yangzhou, China. Finally, the experts and entrepreneurs reached an agreement: with the development of LED industry, Yangzhou will become the leader in the near future.

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