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Curved OLED Lamps Have Great Potential

Source: China lighting net

Curved OLED lamps have great potential


Flexible OLED panels, if you can make the rigid aluminum thin enough, you can bend it.Glass, too, "we just make it thinner, and as it gets thinner, it becomes more and more flexible."
"What are curved OLED lights for?
In order to make the appearance of the light appear curved, and try to hide the light source, the overall appearance is more beautiful, while preventing glare, the industry has invested a lot of money.Although early LED lights look like familiar lights and incandescent bulbs, the latest LED lights are not limited to what looks like a light bulb.
An early LED festival light is a flexible lamp tube that you can bend at any time.However, you can still see individual light on each lamp.This LED string can be bent around almost any object, thus highlighting the architectural features of rooms and buildings.
On the other hand, OLEDs are more suitable for flat surfaces and don't need a soft lens to prevent glare.What happens if the flexibility of the LED string is combined with the flatness of the OLED panel?
This ability will allow designers to transform light into more desirable curved shapes in regular lighting.In other words, flexible OLED lamps have great design potential.

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