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Dimmable 20 Watt LED Light Tubes


Since the fist electric bulb invented by Edison, lighting has been an important part in people’s life. The coming of LED Light is another revolution in the lighting field. Dimmable 20 watt led light tubes are widely used in home lighting and decoration. With its unique characters, LED light is acknowledged by many consumers, while the unfamiliarity of the products information and its application keeps consumer away from realizing the powerful function of LED Light. Stoppage of LED Light frown many household which are eager to experience the benefits LED Light brings. Here is some commonsense of LED Light Tubes.

LED Light emits light by transforming the electricity directly into light. Chip and the open circuit are the two contributing factors. In most cases, the problem of LED Light is caused by the circuit or the chip. When using Dimmable 20 watt led light tubes, you should take peak current into consideration. Peak current is caused by the short circuit, lighting and will bring the damage to the power circuit including wire fusing, insulating material damage. In order to avoid the impairing from peak current, a PPTC is necessary. PPTC is a safe guard of LED light tubes to avoid the damage from peak current.

When faced up with the stoppage of LED Light Tubes, suggestions from professionals and experts are always be your effective measure. AGICO, a leading LED Light manufacturer in China, owning more than 20 years experience and the cutting edge technology will solve you any problem of Dimmable 20 watt led light tubes.

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