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Do LEDs Work Successfully In Lights With Dimmer Switches Where Many Energy Saving Bulbs Do Not?


Yes – dimmable LED lights are very reliable now. There are a few things to bear in mind.

You may have to get your dimmer switch changed to a 'leading edge' or LED compatible dimmer. This is because they handle much lower loads. For example if you changed a '4 x 60 watt bulb central light' to LED you would go from switching a load of 240 watts to nearer 30 watts.

Some bulbs have built-in circuitry to manage dimmers; some don't. They best way to find out is to install them and if they don't dim well, or flicker, you will know to replace the dimmer. They are no more expensive than 'regular' dimmer switches.

I have dimmable lights in my kitchen and living room and they work perfectly. Just make sure, when you buy bulbs, they have the dimmable logo on the box or that it states they are 'dimmable'.

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