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High-power SMD 5050 LED Light


As a new lighting source, long life, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, good dimming performance, high color rendering index, shockproof, good direction, low operating voltage and huge development potential are the main features of LED lights. Especially high-power SMD 5050 LED light is becoming the first choice of highway lighting source, and it is being utilized in the country expressway road.

The thermal design of high-power SMD 5050 LED light not only directly relates to the actual LED luminous efficiency, and also relates to the actual service life. A technology company in Taiwan invented the heat sink cooling heat pipe technology to replace the existing cooling technology, and they have solved this problem successfully, greatly improving the life of the lights.

After three years actual tests, the lights worked 12h every day, the lumens depreciation is less than 3%. It is estimated that the light will fade only 20% ten years later. This basically solves the problems of working life.

Due to the significant advantages and mature white LED technology, the application of green high-power LED light source in highway lighting system plays an important role in saving construction funds, reducing electricity contradiction and maintenance work. With the rapid development of electronic technology, the LED technology is more and more advanced, and the price will be lower. As a new light source, we believe that high-power SMD 5050 LED light source will have a broad application prospect on the highway.

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