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IR-TEC Introduces Simpler And Smarter Wireless Lighting Control Solution


IR-TEC, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of sensor and control solutions for energy efficient lighting, introduces OS-NET, a simpler and smarter wireless lighting control solution to the global lighting industry.   


OS-NET Wireless Lighting Control Concept. (IR-TEC/ LEDinside)


For decades, bringing smart controls to the lighting environment typically meant extra sets of control wire networking, time-consuming wiring of connections between devices and central controls, complicated system commissioning and configuration through proprietary management software. These works result in more time up the ladder, separate wiring diagrams, high levels of complexity, higher project cost and professional maintenance required in the future. Even with current wireless control technologies, installers may still require extra equipment, management software, and complicated commissioning procedures to get the system up and running.        


The OS-NET, abbreviated from OccuSens Network, has been developed to deliver top-notch lighting control without the extra design, installation and setup time typical of conventional lighting control systems. With OS-NET technology, a state-of-the-art wireless sensor mesh network will be simultaneously deployed while installing the luminaires and lighting circuits integrated with OS-NET sensors/controllers.


Numerous design innovations enable the OS-NET sensors/controllers to be flexibly integrated with OEM luminaires or mounted on the ceiling in a variety of options at different mounting heights, and provide sophisticated controls to the connected lighting through simple and intuitive grouping and setting via a 2-way handheld remote programmer.  


“OS-NET is not only an easy solution for OEM manufacturers to upgrade their luminaires with wireless connectivity, but also an unsurpassed choice for retrofitting the legacy lighting with code-compliant, energy efficient controls…OS-NET is a truly innovative wireless lighting control solution featuring second-to-none flexibility, functionality, and simplicity that have never been seen in the market. IR-TEC is very excited to introduce such a great solution to the lighting industry”

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