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Is It Worth Just Replacing The CFLs As They Die?


If I have already replaced halogen with CFL spot lights, is it worth me changing to LED versions? I know that they will turn on immediately, but there doesn't appear to be much of an energy saving to be made. Is it worth just replacing the CFLs as they die?

There are still some energy savings, as LEDs do use less energy than CFLs. But you are right, they are nowhere near as great as if you were replacing old-fashioned light bulbs.

If you are happy with the light there is no need to, but as you replace them you could go LED. You can buy a good quality non-dimmable spot for as little as £4 now (IKEA's range are well priced and produce a great quality light). The other benefit, as you mention, is they are 'instantly on' - no hanging around while your bulbs warm up.

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