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Outdoor LED Christmas Lights


With the coming of Christmas, the people are busy in arranging the outdoor LED Christmas lights decoration to create a festive atmosphere. However, it is reported that nearly about 10% of Canadians never check safety performance before installing the LED Christmas lights, even 25% of the respondents put Christmas lights outdoor for several months.

The above survey show that Canadians are lack of security awareness in the arrangement of the outdoor LED Christmas lights, 17% of respondents never consider the safety standards in the purchase of LED Christmas lights. Compared with Americans, the safety awareness of Canadians is even worse in purchasing LED Christmas lights. For example, only 40% of Canadians check whether the Christmas lights go through product testing and safety certification.

In this regard, CSA International specifically provides many safety tips of Christmas lights for the public, which can ensure the people eliminate fire hazards.

Firstly, you should carefully check the safety of the wires every year. Secondly, you should dispose of all frayed wires, lamp holder and cable. Before replacing the outdoor LED Christmas light, you should cut off the power source, and ensure the new replacement light bulb should consist with the old bulb in terms of voltage and watts.

Thirdly, you should check whether the product has a safety certification label before purchasing the wire, wiring board and electronic decorations. Meanwhile, you can’t nail the wire or wiring boards to the wall.

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