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Review Of Recently News About LED Lighting


DURHAM, N.C. - As part of a city-wide goal to reduce energy usage and improve nighttime visibility and overall facility safety, the South Durham Water Reclamation Facility installed energy-efficient LED lighting from Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE). The new Cree lighting simultaneously addresses the facility's competing exterior lighting requirements - the need to improve safety and light levels and the need to reduce energy usage and maintenance costs. ”

"This lighting project delivers multiple benefits," said Joel Reitzer, director of the City's General Services Department. "Not only were we able to increase visibility and provide our workers with a safer, more productive work environment, but we also reduced our energy consumption by nearly 64 percent for the fixtures that were replaced with the new Cree lighting. It really is a 'win-win' for the City's bottom line and ultimately, Durham's environment."

Obviously, in recent year, the 
LED lighting will lead the lighting market. In virtue of enhanced LED brightness, falling prices, long service, low power, simpler driving and controlling procedures than neon lamps, and being capable of flashing and changing colors. Most people think that within 3 years, LED lighting to replace traditional lighting ratio of up to 20%, and within 3-5 year, up to 50%, and 10 years or up to 80%. According to the latest industry forecast, the semiconductor light source in 2014 will account for 50% of global market share in 2016 semiconductor lighting will occupy 50% market share. Most industry insiders believe that LED interior lighting products in 2020, or up to 50% share.

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