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Kons Light is a professional company who is supplying the lighting projects solution. This is distinctive that we have our own factory,built up in 2009, and with 12 years experience for producing LED lighting products. Our main products are including: outdoor lightings, commercial lightings and industrial lighting products.
Response Rate (last 30 days) 92.7% of buyers who contacted this supplier received a response within 24 hours. (Note: Includes responses sent in the Alibaba Trade Center and TradeManager) 1 Average Response Time (7 days) The supplier's average response time of received inquiries is within 12 hours. 2 Quotation Performance (last 30 days) The supplier have sent 23 quotes to buyers in last 30 days. 3
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As one of the top outdoor lighting suppliers, Kons light's quality products and services have won praise from customers, exceeding customer expectations in terms of customer service, quality, design, ...
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