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Ceiling chandelier advantages

● Make up for the shortcomings of the original building structure. If the floor height is too high, the room will be empty and the ceiling can be used to lower the height;

● Enhance the decorative effect. The ceiling ceiling effect enriches the top surface shape, enhances the visual appeal, and makes the top surface treatment rich in personality, thus reflecting the unique decorative style.

● the ceiling can hide many pipelines, and can also reserve the installation parts of the lamps, which can produce the illumination effect of the point light, the line light and the surface light, which enhances the indoor color.

● Separate space. The ceiling is one of the means of dividing the space. Through the ceiling, the two connected spaces with the same original height can be made different, thereby dividing two different areas. For example, the living room and the dining room are divided by the ceiling. Even if the two parts are clearly defined, the lower space is kept coherent and transparent.

● easy to supplement the light source. Some residential buildings have a single lighting system and the lighting is so simple that they cannot create an ideal lighting environment.

●  easy to clean.

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