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Five advantages of LED floodlights


Five advantages of LED floodlights

1, plasticity is very strong

LED floodlight lighting equipment is very popular, because the volume is very small, each module is all 3-5 mm square or ring small pieces, suitable for the production and processing of a variety of processing technology modeling lights, light bars, shaped lights and other commodities.

2, excellent color performance

LED floodlights use digital control, using the "three primary colors" principle, the control system can control the light of a wider color gamut.

Kons-Five Advantages Of Led Floodlights, Zhongshan Epistar Electronic Lighting Co

3, less heat dissipation

LED floodlights are better cold light sources. It does not easily radiate large amounts of infrared and ultraviolet light, such as incandescent and fluorescent lights. It basically has no current-heat effect like incandescent lamps and is not easily blown by the adverse effects of thermal expansion and contraction.

4, more conducive to environmental protection

LED floodlights do not have the danger of metal mercury in traditional lamps. The manufacturing materials use polymer compounds, which can be recycled and reused without causing environmental pollution. Light sources are usually scattered and there is little light pollution.

5, saving electricity

Because LED floodlights have low energy consumption and long service life, long-term use can save a lot of electricity costs every year. For public lighting fixtures, the cost advantage is even more pronounced.

According to the survey, each power consumption is less than 1 kWh, which is equivalent to a reduction of 0.33 kg of standard coal, a reduction of 4.00 kg of purified water, a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of 0.78 kg, a reduction of sulfur dioxide emissions of 0.009 kg, and a reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions. 0.002 kg, as well as reducing suspended particles. 0.00335 kg.

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As everyone's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection has increased, more and more families have slowly abandoned the use of ordinary light bulbs, and then use LED floodlights. LED floodlight lighting technology is also constantly improving.

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