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Flower light advantage

● low cost

The simulation flower is that the price is the most expensive than the real flower, and the price is long! It is easy to transport and easy to transport: when you need to change the design, you can change the mix and change the atmosphere. Suitable for the public family to beautify the environment, and enduring, there is no need to spend more fertilizer!


The main raw materials for the simulation are: plastic products, materials made of resin clay, and metal bars, blown paper, filaments, decorative paper, and ribbons. These materials are free from pollution or pollution. The image is vivid, lively and beautiful, and can be compared with the flowers and plants.

● Less affected by the environment

In today's public places, indoor light is often insufficient, so it is not an easy task to plant a plant indoors. A bottle of artificial flowers like the spring season gives people the feeling that it is like a real flower, with bright colors. Glorious and moving, it can stay bright and colorful for a long time.

●Less maintenance time

The branches and leaves of the artificial flowers are not moldy, do not rot, and do not need to be watered. Artificial flowers and plants do not need to be artificially cultivated, and watering, pruning, and other worker maintenance can be omitted.

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