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LED Pixel Light Details Introduction

LED Pixel Light  Details Introduction     
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LED Pixel Light is adopted by RJF RB multilevel connection materials, which form the point, line, panel or other shapes and display the text and pictures. In the actual engineering cases, pixel light can form the rectangle, square, stripe-type and other regualr shapes, or form the round-shapes, face triangles and other shapes to display animation. We use the imported silicone sealing glue to improve the waterproof performance.

The LiHe project is adopted the LED pixel Light - KS-XSD-01-15W, mainly using the DMX512 Controller to show different shpes. Such as colorful line, different kinds of pictures,and so on.

Material: Aluminum
Material: Aluminum

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Kons LED Pixel Light- The volume is so small, the weight is so light, tand he power consumption is so low, that are applicated in ads. decoration lighting projects, square landscape projects and municipal lighting projects, and so on.

BEST LED Pixel Light

LED Pixel light main application place: Building lighting, curtain wall decoration, community & commercial plaza lighting, bridge, highway, and landmark building or other city lighting engineering, human landscape, decoration of tourist attractions, bar, KTV or other entertainment venues decoration.