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Lighting design requires flexible selection of fixtures


Lighting design requires flexible selection of fixtures

       The lighting fixture solution should take into account both the active lighting fixtures and the decorative art lighting fixtures, that is to say, the interaction between the action and the literary aesthetics. The distinctive characteristics of the interior space of the voucher construction, the purposeful acceptance of the different lighting effects to hold the region, to overcome the traditional lighting fixture selection point design, KONS has been working hard in this direction.

         If the flashing light lacks the necessary order of artistic aesthetics, it is only satisfactory for the lighting requirements of the indoor space, and there is no very good balance in the quantity and quality of the lighting fixtures. Location.

Kons-Lighting Design Requires Flexible Selection Of Fixtures

        Therefore, in the lighting fixture solution level, it is necessary to select suitable lighting fixtures, fair lighting fixture schemes, and accept lighting fixtures that are legally stipulated by law, satisfactory plan for lighting intensity to comprehensively organize lighting fixtures. Select the point design.

Using the lighting effect to construct the team to distinguish the indoor space, can beat a lot of redundant lighting fixtures, so that the unit's primary and secondary indoor space "dark" out, beat the excessive lighting fixtures to complete the team lighting fixtures, not only can be overhauled The hole lighting fixtures can work hard to stipulate and develop the playability of artistic aesthetics. It can also provide a considerable amount of money for the cost of the community owners and the operating costs of the middle and late stages.

        Moreover, in addition to removing the extra lighting fixtures, in a higher aspect, it is discouraging "environmental pollution" and discouraging "power and energy extravagance and waste." Therefore, it should be extraordinarily delicate and exaggerated! The lighting fixture scheme is by no means brighter and brighter. The lighting fixture scheme is looking for bright, timely, bright and beautiful.

        In addition to environmental protection and energy conservation, in addition to the reduction of lighting fixtures, we must also actively use, market and promote new environmental protection and energy-saving high-tech. For example, the large unit accepts LED lighting to organize lighting fixtures and decorative design. It is necessary to set a superb and fair operation management system for the luminaire design. It is able to reach a more robust lighting effect, and is also the first of a more effective way to save energy.

       Others, in the process of holding the lighting project, people can accept the intelligent lighting system operation management system, develop the active level of building application processing, effectively apply for all the construction of indoor space, reduce the power and energy loss together, and save human resources costs. And then develop the quality and obedience of the matter.

       In general, the lighting plan is only satisfied with the diligence and aesthetic requirements of the planners, lighting planners, owners and other parties, the landlord and other aspects of the effort and artistic aesthetics regulations, and eliminated the lighting The cost of capital investment and the operating costs in the middle and late stages will allow the lighting solutions to be recognized and become a high-cost lighting solution.

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