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Zhongshan Henglan Town To Attract Investment


                                                                                             Zhongshan Epistar Electronic Lighting Co.,Ltd

                                                                                                                               Updated: Aug 18, 2017



    It is reported that on August 17, pressure-pad-force half an hour of LED industry economic development seminar cum China lighting lighting manufacturing base - cross bar investment promotion seminar and strategic cooperation signing ceremony held in shenzhen, has attracted more than 200 shenzhen LED industry, business representatives attended the "bosses".

    The reporter understands that both shenzhen and zhongshan are the core cluster of LED industry, and the two places have strong complementarity in research and development, technology, talent, production and manufacturing, logistics and so on.On the one hand, due to the policies, prices, land restrictions and other factors, many shenzhen LED enterprises need to make industrial foreign expansion and export r&d and technical cooperation.On the other hand, zhongshan city.near as lighting manufacturing base in China, policy support, land resources, advantages, such as manufacturing and services supporting actively undertake outsourcing enterprises manufacturing base in shenzhen.This has led to frequent inter-governmental and inter-firm cooperation and closer cooperation.

    Present at the meeting in zhongshan city.near, deputy party secretary, mayor Chen yunhua, said city.near lies in the northwest of zhongshan, with a total area of 76 square kilometers, as "lighting manufacturing base in China" "technology innovation professional town of guangdong province (new lighting lamp act the role ofing)", the current city.near manufacturing base and the strength, from past simple assembly processing development to the present "design, research and development - production - sales - service" model;From the traditional road economy, individual factory enterprises, small workshops to the present into the park into the area of integration, production and marketing integration.

    According to the introduction, henglan town is now preparing "intelligent lighting industry gathering area", and fully build the horizontal column LED industry photovoltaic new city., said Chen yunhua city.near has on policy support, manufacturing strength, platform service and supporting all aspects, such as ready to undertake outsourcing enterprises manufacturing base in shenzhen, completes the "shenzhen headquarters + sun yat-sen LED bar manufacturing base" strategy, to achieve pressure-pad-force LED industry cluster development of both "bridgehead", vigorously construction of cross bar LED optoelectronic industry new town, look forward to working with the vast number of LED enterprises to jointly develop "shenzhen headquarters + sun yat-sen LED bar manufacturing base" two-wheel driven broad prospects.

    At this meeting, the government of henglan town and the shenzhen LED enterprises, such as zhaochi, sikemp, the same party, shenzhen lighting and display engineering industry association, have signed the strategic cooperation agreement.

    Shenzhen lighting and display engineering industry association secretary-general, said zerof enterprise outsourcing production base in shenzhen has become the inevitable trend, the association will cooperate fully with the horizontal bar government, from the aspects of industry planning, park investment promotion to all-round cooperation, group in horizontal bar, strive for more preferential policies for the member unit.The association also signed a cooperation agreement on financial services platform with yyyon supply chain.